Soccer stars

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Soccer stars

The new Miniclip game of football finger as mentioned by some. Play as Guest option of a great match game where you can play online without members are waiting for you. Are you doing with a random person comes up to 5 of 5 matches. Your goal is to take aim with red or blue star to put into the ball. Total wins the match 2 goals and expect to assign new competitors. Pressing the button will be able to hit the ball, you should not put your team pulling backward. If you are a bit forced in the first place, we think you’ll understand after a few games. No other soccer star enjoy playing the game you will not find a place. You can be a real champion by defeating your opponent on the other side of the world. Last time, the game’s most enjoyable match starts playing immediately without wasting time you reached 10 million downloads in the Android market.


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